Product Code: Jolly JDR

Colour: Copper 

The La Pavoni - JDR Jolly Dosage Adjustable Grinder has bur blades that deliver the perfect grind for the espresso machine, percolator or filter coffee machine. It holds 250g of coffee beans in the top container with a dosage dispenser in the front and arms to rest the portafilter when filling with coffee. 

La Pavoni coffee machines and grinders are made in Milan, Italy.


Shipped from Sydney,Australia.

We take great care to thoroughly check all machines and adjust grinders for the desired grind before shipment. We pack them carefully with adequate padding. We also send with travel insurance.

FREE 250g of Caffè Euroblend

Included is our freshly roasted Pavoni Blend in beans.

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The La Pavoni JDR Jolly Grinder has a copper finish with black trims made to match the elite range of La Pavoni lever machine models in copper brass and gold finish.  It makes the perfect grind for the La Pavoni Lever coffee machine. The benefits of this grinder are that it is easy to control the coffee dispensing straight into the portafilter. The front dosage dispenser allows storage for ground coffee and quicker delivery of multiple espresso with pre-ground coffee and an easily adjustable grind setting wheel.

We adjust all grinders for our customers prior to purchase to ensure it is set for the correct grind.


We at Euroespresso Machine Company Pty Ltd are the authorised Australian distributor and service centre of La Pavoni coffee machines and grinders since 1968. We supply 1 year manufacturers warranty on machines purchased through us only. We also stock spare parts, provide technical support and back up service.

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